What We Do and Don’t Do

The role of the SES is unclear to some people. Here are some examples of tasks the SES does and does NOT do. When you call us, we are paged and our Duty Officer will call you back as soon as possible. Please bear in mind that you may not be the only person calling us at any given time. We can sometimes get in excess of 600 calls in 4 hours. We will ring you back as soon as we are able.


  • Car Crashes where a person is trapped or MAY be Trapped – call 000 ask for Ambulance – We are automatically advised if you state viagrageneriquefr24.com the person is Trapped or May be Trapped
  • Situations where a person is trapped by machinery, equipment or other situation (fingers in plug hole, stuck on a roof)
  • Assist Police with searches for missing persons or at crime scenes
  • Temporary Repairs and Shoring of buildings damaged by collision with vehicles or earthquake or landslip
  • Trees which have fallen ON Structures (House/Carport/Garage/Cars in driveways
  • Trees which have fallen and limit access to your property such as on driveways
  • Building Damage from Storms (roof tiles blown off by wind or occasionally by fire at the request of Fire Service
  • Flooding of houses or structures. We do NOT pump out back yards when it rains.
    NOTE of advice – if your house floods from a broken tap or pipe – turn off your water main at your meter before calling us!!       And ALSO: you must be home for us to be able to assist you.



  • Trees down in your yard with no damage to property – Call a gardening contractor
  • Trees that MAY fall. We do NOT cut trees DOWN that may fall. If you have a dangerous tree call The Council or a Contractor
  • Trees on powerlines – Call your power company 131179
  • Powerlines that are down – Call your power company 131179
  • Trees down on Roads/footpaths/Bike Tracks or Walking Tracks – Call  Shire of Yarra Ranges 1300 368 333  or VicRoads 131170 if on a Highway
  • Lost Pets
  • Advice on Dangerous Trees – Call Yarra Ranges Council 1300 368 333 – or your local council if not in Yarra Ranges
  • Fires – Call 000 – ask for Fire Brigade
  • Vehicles bogged in inaccessible terrain. We will come and get YOU out. We will not unbog or tow your vehicle!!!!

Outside emergency situations the Lilydale unit attend schools to educate students, members participate in the Safe Plate action with Victoria Police and our volunteers attend numerous community events.