Unit structure

SES Units follow a similar Unit structure across Victoria. Units are run by a Controller. The Controller is supported by a number of Deputy Controllers. This number depends on the size of the unit. Then other Officers are in charge of certain Sections, and are sometimes called Section Leaders.

At Lilydale we have a Controller, 1 Deputy, a Communications & Operations Officer, A Training Officer, an Administration Officer , 1 Section Leader- Equipment and Logistics, and 6 Team Leaders

Colin Matheson ESM, Controller- Lilydale SES

Controller: Colin Matheson ESM is the current Controller of the Lilydale SES. Colin has served as Controller in

2005, and again from 2009 to present day. He joined the VicSES in 1975 at the Headquarters unit and transfered to Lillydale soon after. Colin has held every Officer position in the unit in the last 38 years. Colin has also had a lengthy career with the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, retiring in 2013 having attained the rank of Commander – Operations

Colin was awarded the Emergency Services Medal (ESM) for his prolonged and dilligent service to the community and the SES, as well as his work with AFIRE, volunteering his time to train FireFighters in Third World countries in fire and rescue skills. Colin is married with 3 adult children.
Awards: Emergency Services Medal, National Emergency Medal, National Medal for Service and 2 clasps, SES Long service Medal  – 35 years