The Lilydale Unit is one of 149 Units in Victoria. We have been servicing our local community since 1963 (almost 57 years) with emergency response to road crash rescue, severe weather events (from storms to bush fires) and assist our partner emergency services agencies when required.

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Road Crash Rescue (RCR) Response

A car crash can often result in person(s) being trapped; in a vehicle or otherwise. Lilydale SES certified first responders assist by using specialist heavy equipment to cut away parts of a vehicle so that casualties can be extricated and transported to hospital for assessment/treatment.

Storm and Water Damage Response

Storms often cause significant damage to homes, businesses and community infrastructure. SES trained responders assist by securing damaged buildings and structures, cutting up fallen trees that have caused structural damage to your home or vehicle, blocked major roads or prevent you from entering or leaving your home.

Flood Response

If you live close to a creek, river or in a low-lying area you may be at risk of flooding in particular from flash flooding caused by short, high intensity storms. SES assistance may include giving flood advice, protecting essential services, helping to protect infrastructure, rescuing people from floodwater, advising of an evacuation.

Urban Search and Rescue (USAR)

Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) is a pre-planned, self-sufficient, multi agency response to major structural collapse situations. SES has several hundred members trained to USAR Category 1 initial responders who work removing primary surface casualties, conducting initial intelligence gathering, identifying hazards and establishing marking systems.

Incident Support Operations

Our members are often called to provide support to SES or partner agency emergency operations both locally, across Victoria and interstate undertaking incident management roles, logistical and administrative support, staging area, and sector or divisional commander roles.

Air Search Observer

SES has specially trained Air Search Observers to assist AusSAR (Australian Search & Rescue) and Victoria Police in undertaking searches for missing people over land and water. Air observing is a very demanding task both mentally and physically, requiring intense concentration over extended periods of time.

We are the control agency for flooding in Victoria, which means we are responsible for planning for floods, supporting community preparedness and managing flood response if they do occur.

We are the control agency for storms in Victoria, which means we are responsible for planning for storms and managing response if they do occur. Following severe storm events, our priority is to contain damage and make areas safe for our community.

We work closely with other emergency services and are Victoria’s largest provider for Road Crash Rescue. We free trapped persons, help Police with searches (people or evidence), assist major bushfire events and much more!


Volunteering for VICSES can be one of the most rewarding and best investments you can make. As a VICSES volunteer, you can make a difference.